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Piaget Altipiano
The Piaget Altiplano watch collection is an icon of elegance and slimness in luxury watchmaking. Its history dates back to the 1950s and 1960s when Piaget began gaining recognition for producing ultra-thin watches. A significant moment was the launch of the Altiplano 12P in 1960, an extremely thin automatic movement that set records for slimness. Today, the Altiplano collection features iconic models like the Altiplano Automatic, known for its slim case and clean dial, and the Altiplano Date with a date function. The collection is synonymous with high-class craftsmanship and timeless style, with the Altiplano Ultimate Concept representing the pinnacle of watchmaking technology. In short, Altiplano watches embody the essence of Piaget: precision, mastery, and attention to detail, all while maintaining unmatched slimness.
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